F. Fitzke is master of audiovisual media…
…and is considered a cornerstone of the international projection art scene. Since 1982 he has worked as a freelance photographer, light designer and projection artist. He made an impression with his visually unique and complex artistic, photo-processed slides, as well as his multi-vision shows.

As a result of his research into the various ways of connecting music and pictures F. Fitzke became a composer of electronic music and a superlative visual artist. He specialises in live Vjing, on large sized areas by LED/video projection and digital distortion and editing techniques. He draws inspiration on a variety of experiences especially in the areas dance, music, theatre and presentation. Fitzke’s projection art has become an integral part of Kruder & Dorfmeister’s live tour and also supports the artists under the label G-stone Records.

“The intention of my work, is to encourage the assumption that purposeful communication and synchronisation, can set free an amazing intensity, between different sense channels in the media”.

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